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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Do you own a Canon or Nikon DSLR camera? Do you have more than one lens for it? If so, then you know what a juggling act it can be to switch lenses while on the go.

August 28, 2012 by

I have a couple of gripes with some websites. When looking for what I want on a website, it should be easy and obvious. More often than not, though, many sites make it really, really hard to find basic things…

August 21, 2012 by

Widescreen GPS navigation devices always seemed an odd design to me. Are Garmin and Magellan beginning to see the light?

August 14, 2012 by

Recently, I put everything I own into a 7×7 PODs storage container. I carefully chose this size after chatting online with the company (a feature I always like from a service provider and completely necessary since their site has a…

August 7, 2012 by