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Box Play: Green Fun for Kids (and Adults Too)

Did you play with boxes and invent your own toys when you were a kid? If you have children, do you encourage them to make their own toys?


Re-use ordinary containers as toys

Janette Harwell wants to help everyone add a little whimsy to everyday objects to not only make them into playthings, but also promote re-use — have fun while being greener. Not everyone is an artist and these stickers make it easy for parents to quickly add flair to otherwise-ordinary things.

Make a macaroni and cheese box into a camera

Make a macaroni and cheese box into a camera

Box Play for Kids are stickers that transform ordinary containers and paper products into whimsical, colorful toys. Don’t throw away that macaroni and cheese box. Turn it into a play camera. The half-gallon milk carton? Wash it out and slap a cow sticker on it! How about an egg-carton keyboard?

Choose from a variety of sticker designs

Choose from a variety of sticker designs

Janette has made quite a variety of these stickers during the initial year that she put this idea into practice. You can see, and order, them from the Box Play for Kids web site. Now, she has a Kickstarter project to grow the business and her product line.


Milk cartons make great train cars

Of course, these stickers are not intended to be a replacement for good old fashioned creativity. Put on those smocks and get your kids drawing and painting on empty packaging and juice boxes too.

What have you done with your empty boxes and cartons lately?

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