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Design Your Own Watch with May28th

Do you like watches? Ever wish you could add your own style to one? May28th is here to help.

The Design Milk blog just recently posted about the May28th accessories brand. Not familiar with them? I had not heard of them before, either. The company was founded by Agni Tilla, a Latvian designer and entrepreneur now living in Malaysia, who wanted to bring fun, affordable accessory watches to market. But she added a bit of a twist.

Do you remember classic Swatch watches? Did you wear several on your arm during Swatch’s heyday? Whether you did or not, May28th brings those classic, clean lines to their watches and applies fun colors and designs to them. For US $50 or less, you can choose from over a hundred designs at their site, take a gander at some Kate Spade designs, or you can craft your own.

Fun, colorful watch designs from May28th (Credit: May28th)

Fun, colorful watch designs from May28th (Credit: May28th)

The company set up a separate site, Instawatch, where you can select the color of the watch band and then apply a photo from Instagram (hence the name) to the face of your new watch. If you don’t use Instagram, simply upload whatever image catches your fancy (at least 300 pixels square, 600 pixels or more for best results). You can see what people have been up to on Instawatch’s Pinterest pinboard.

What kind of watch do you wear? How would you design your Instawatch?


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