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Electric Bike in a BOXX

Looking for a new, green way to get around town? BOXX Corp. may have something that meets your fancy.

The BOXX is a new two-wheeled electric vehicle that, like a moped, makes it easy to zip through local traffic to go to work, run errands and the like. It is electronically limited to a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour, but I do not think I would want to go any faster on a 1-meter long vehicle.

Design/engineering elements that I like

  • It is always good to see more innovation in providing non-polluting means of transportation.
  • Electric-powered system. No fumes, few moving parts, little to no maintenance, no mess, just plug it in.
  • Electric motors are built into the wheels (a.k.a., hub motors) to eliminate the typical belt or chain and other extra moving parts of a typical motorized bike.
  • The hub motors also enable the BOXX to have two-wheel drive for better handling, including traction control and an anti-lock braking system (ABS).
  • 40- to 60-mile range with a single battery pack that recharges in four hours (or just one hour with an upgraded charger). A dual battery pack will take you twice as far on a single charge.
  • Secure, enclosed storage compartments behind the headlights and under the seat for your goodies.
  • Mostly constructed from recycled aluminum.
  • Automatically adapts its characteristics, such as acceleration/deceleration and braking, to accommodate different riders and terrain.
  • User-replaceable battery pack(s) that require no tools.
  • Compact size makes for easier storage, especially in small living spaces.

BOXX headlights and virtual lane markers

Things I am not too crazy about

  • The box shape. The shape goes with the name and it is kind of cute and all, but I would prefer something less boxy.
  • A very short wheel base. Again, this is a consequence of the 1-meter box design. Perhaps the ABS and traction control systems would prevent most potential mishaps with flipping end-over-end on a BOXX, but it would make me a bit nervous.
  • Small storage compartments. Perhaps future accessories will enable storage on the outside of the BOXX for things such as packages (boxes!), pizza, etc. Just think of all the things you would be zipping around town for.
  • The turning radius seems quite limited since the narrow body partially obscures the front wheel. This could be problematic in tight or crowded areas that such a small vehicle would likely find its way into.

Is the BOXX for you? Then show your support. The current Kickstarter project can get you one for US $3,895 ($100 off the retail price) if funding succeeds by October 6, 2012.

What do you think of this compact electric scooter?

Photos: BOXX Corp./Kickstarter


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  1. EricZane says: September 18, 2012

    Awesome! The box shape is a bit obscure but nonetheless electric/green transportation has come a long way.

    Check out this new toy from Boosted Boards

    • Peter Ridge says: September 18, 2012

      @Eric: Yeah, it’s good to see more electric vehicles of all kinds coming out of the woodwork. The Boosted Boards electric longboard is another good example. I wish it had hub motors instead of the belt drive, though.

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