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Elegantly Simple, Surprisingly Versatile Titanium Pen

Computers and electronic gadgets are all the rage, but what about the mighty pen? Is it an old, outdated device? Maybe a bit boring? Hardly! See what happens when you combine elegance, solid titanium and clever design.

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about classic designs and the new old. Here’s a case of a new twist to something that’s been around a good long while–writing instruments. And it’s about time that someone, or in this case two someones, applied some form and function magic to the beloved pen.

Chadwick Parker and Joe Huang, the two guys behind BIGiDESIGN (pronounced, “big eye design”), must have been reading my mind when they started their Kickstarter project, the Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus. It’s not only stylishly sleek and elegant, as you would expect from a high-grade writing instrument, but it takes care of a major issue with most pens–refill madness.

Proprietary ink refills make me crazy. Maybe I just have too many pens, but even if I had just one, it would still be a pain to have to locate a specific cartridge that only works in that one pen. That’s where the functional design of this titanium pen goes the extra mile. It works with over 30 different refills, including Bic, Cross, Mont Blanc, Pentel, Pilot, Waterman and many others.

That’s right. You don’t have to be forced to buy one kind and pay whatever outrageous price is demanded of you. Plus, you can try different manufacturers’ pen tips or inks to see which one strikes your writing fancy.

I almost forgot to mention one more thing. This pen plays nicely with electronic gadgets too. It has a built-in conductive stylus tip to use with touch screens on tablet computers such as the iPad and smartphones.

What can I say? I can’t help but like a product that appeals to both my aesthetic side as well as my engineering side. The price is good too at US $65. As of this writing, 1,533 other people agree and have pledged over US $120,000 to the project (the goal was only $30,000).

How could BIGiDESIGN improve on what seems to be a perfect product? What about adding a mechanical pencil and/or a secondary refill to have two different colors of ink? Granted, that’s a more complex implementation and would trade off the current flexibility of accepting so many types of refills for additional functionality. Perhaps it could be offered as a different version: the Solid Titanium Pen and Pencil with Stylus.

What do you think of the Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus?

Photos via Kickstarter


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