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How about Wallpaper? Maybe a Wall Decal?

When I was a kid, I had a great Aunt Betty and Uncle Marty who lived in a house that they bought in the 60s. I remember going over there and being in awe of three things. First was the orange, brown and green combo shag carpeting. Second was how anyone could manage to live on plastic-covered furniture for decades and third was the wallpaper in the kitchen. It was epic. HUGE, giant repeating floral that was in amazing mustard yellows, greens and browns. The cool thing that I’ve been seeing lately with a lot of design and fashion these days is a throw back to a similar palette and a play on this very aesthetic.

It would be impossible for me to find a replica online, but the one pictured above is pretty close. I found it at an online store that has a variety of 60s and 70s wallpaper for sale–the original stuff, not reproductions, people.

Orla Kiely has numerous, gorgeous repeating floral patterns throughout her work, as well as other other wonderful geometric patterns in her repertoire. It’s her signature. She’s taken this signature textile pattern and put it on everything from home ware to dresses. Pretty adorable stuff. And of course her wallpapers are amazing. Her site is really worth checking out.

Orla Kiely Home Look Book | Credit: Orla Kiely

Anyway, I’ve been in the process of decorating the office, which is the spare bedroom. It has those generic closet doors and, since I rent, I need to be able to easily remove traces of my interior decorating when I leave. So, that means I can’t really do a traditional paste-up type of wallpaper (as much as I might want to). I’ve been looking online a lot. I’ve searched high and low and I’ve found a few cool options. ModCloth, a clothing company, even offers a cool peel-and-stick type of “wallpaper”.

Park Slope Temporary Wallpaper | Credit: Modcloth

But, ModCloth chevron print is limiting. While I really do like mustard yellow, having only one choice sucks. Can a sister get some options, maybe even at least three to consider?

So as not to be difficult or predictable, I’m pretty set on it being a black and white pattern (I know boring), but I like it, OK? I also like the idea of trees and nature. The office should be soothing, afterall.

Below is an amazing black and white option, in my opinion. It’s subtle, but glamorous and hip at the same time.  It comes pre-pasted, and it’s washable and strippable. The rolls are 20.5 inches wide by 33 feet long for a total of 56 square feet for 36 bucks. Pretty rad. It would be cool as an accent wall in the living room, bedroom or even a bathroom.

Trellis Wallpaper Wall in a Box | Credit: Amazon

OK, so I still have some cool tree and forest type prints to consider too. Here are a few of my favorites.

Birch Trees without Leaves – Peel and Stick Wall Decal | Credit: Wallmonkeys

The birch one, above, is amazing because it reminds me of a story book illustration and the black and white gives it a hip vibe. I realize that my saying “hip vibe” might disqualify me from being able to know what “hip vibe” means, but trust me guys, I’m cool. 😛

Then, there are just decals. There are sooo many online, it’s not even funny. You can find things from any variety of bird to giant telephones that you can peel and stick to your wall.

Big birch tree wall decal | Credit: PopDecals

I like this tree silhouette the most and you can order it in a variety of colors. I like the possibilities with this one.

The problem is that there are so many options. Besides’s choices, if you go and check out, they have 1852 different wall decals to choose from. You can get dizzy with choices. Being the person I am, I might make it my mission to look at them all. Hah! Well, not really, but I’ll at least narrow it down by category.

Antiquitarian Wallpaper | Credit:

Another fantastic place to find unique and gorgeous wall papers is They have really interesting, super-unique prints and it’s easy to apply and remove them! I’m definitely going to look further into this option. As a bonus, Anthropologie has a wallpaper calculator–a nice touch for their customers. I like that.

Wallpaper calculator | Credit:

What is your favorite way to decorate your walls?


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  1. Jeff says: April 16, 2013

    The big red birch tree wall decal creates a dramatic effect. It reminds me of my childhood in New York. We used the bark of dead birch trees to create incredibly colorful campfires.

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