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It’s a House. It’s a Lamp. No, It’s a House-Lamp

Looking for something a little different to light up a room? If you like architecture, as I do, you will want to check out the House-Lamp.

House-Lamp is a recently-successful Kickstarter project by architect Lauren Daley. It combines her passion for architectural design with her love of creating things with her own two hands.

The base of the lamp, in stained solid wood or natural-finished plywood, is the platform for one of three home designs: The Eco, a modern style with simulated solar panels; The Bungalow, a doll of a house; or The Modern, a Mid-Century modern two-story.

House-Lamp with task lamp off (Credit: Lauren Daley)

Each of the houses includes their own internal lighting to lend them a pleasant and inviting glow. Rising above them is an optional task lamp to add some useful light to your own home.

The Bungalow without a task lamp (Credit: Lauren Daley)

If you feel like you would rather try your hand at building your own House-Lamp, then Lauren has you covered there, too. A simpler version of the Eco house is available as a kit. The laser-cut pieces just have to be glued together. Then, add your own base and lamp.

House-Lamp kit (Credit: Lauren Daley)

Of course, you could also add your own touches. How about an LED lamp post out front or some doll house miniatures?

The Kickstarter project has already exceeded its funding goal with 20 days still to go. So, if you want one of these, at least you know that there is plenty of money behind the project to get it off the ground.

I am looking forward to seeing what designs Lauren has up her sleeves in the next round. My wife would like a Swiss chalet.

Which House-Lamp design would you choose?


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