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Mpix Online Printing Part Deux

Welcome back! As promised, I used some of the tricks that I outlined in my previous post about printing online at Mpix and now you get to see what happened.

The new print looks much better and I am really happy with the results. Even Sofia my cat agrees. Notice how much richer the photo is and how much more depth it has. I hope those tricks help you too!

Old print (left) versus new ptrint (right)

Mpix seems like a great, easy to use site to upload and print your photos and I like their overall site design. I want to try using SnapFish next. They have good prices and auto-contrast options that you can play with before submitting your photo. SnapFish’s tuning features seem to try to do what I showed you in the previous post via Photoshop. I have to admit that I am now pretty curious about how my photo would look printed through them using their “auto-contrast” feature.

With SnapFish, you can also use your photos to print calendars and photobooks, which seem like great gift ideas! They offer in-store pick up at some Walgreens and some Evilmart, I mean Walmart, locations. That can be nice if you want to avoid shipping fees and it feels just like it use to when you picked up your printed film photos at a drug store! Remember those days? I may try their service and let you know how it goes as a part 3!

Have you used any other photo printing service that you liked?


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