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My Top 7 Earth-Friendly Collection of Cool Stuff

In honor of Earth Day — which I realize was yesterday, but hey, every day is Earth day — I collected my top 7 favorite earth-friendly products, art and general cool stuff.

7. Kim White Handbags

Yes, I’m a girl, so here is an amazing recycled-material designer handbag brand to check out. Presenting Kim White handbags.

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 8.23.51 PM

Her designs are beautiful and I am lucky enough to own one of these beauties. What I love about her designs is that she has a great ability to create chic and elegant bags with these materials. She manages to stay fashion-forward without getting too kitsch or cutesy.

My bag is blue with navy pattern and trim that was made from a 1975 Buick Skylark. It looks good with a lot of different styles and it’s light and super fun to open up.

It’s like the one here, currently available on her site, but in blue!


Wheat Basketweave Cut-Out Clutch (Credit:

My Kim White Bag Up-Close

My Kim White bag up close

6. Muji Stationary

From a wonderful friend, I once received a couple of paper notebooks from Muji. It’s a wonderful little notebook perfect for keeping notes in without it being too bulky.
Besides this cool notebook, Muji has a great selection of recycled stationary for very reasonable prices worth checking out. In other words, I highly recommend them.

Muji Notebook (credit:

Muji notebooks (Credit:

 5. Postcarden

I do wish that I sent out more mail that didn’t have an ‘e’ in front of it. Check out these really amazing postcards that you can literally grow a plant out of. Next time I need to send a little note, I’m totally sending one of these. After all, this is a good reason to finally keep a card you were given for longer than a year (or however long you feel obligated to keep a card without feeling guilty for chucking it). For us folks in the US, you can buy these at


Greenery growing in a Postcarden

4. Steelpond

Recycled metal sculptures is not all this man does, Robert Jefferson Travis Pond also designs other metal furniture. He collects the materials for his pieces with meaning, usually from deconstructed motorcycles, and then welds them with passion.

Elk (Credit:

Elk (Credit:

You can watch him on YouTube making his dragon piece. When it comes to art, it’s often not just the end result that amazes me, but the process is just as fascinating.

Dragon (credit:

Dragon (Credit:

3. SunCloud Digital Camera

Since cameras are cool and solar-powered anything is Earth-friendly to the max, here is an awesome new product that combines both. The SunCloud SolarPowered SelfGenerating Digital Camera. You can get one at AC Gears for $199.00. It seems pretty cool if you were into collecting funky cameras, in general. You know who you are and I know you are out there.


SunCloud digital cameras (Credit:

2. ECOBAGS Reuseable Grocery Bags (with Swagger)

A lot of the reuseable bags are the same, made from either oil cloth or canvas. I personally love these netted ones and you can get a set of 5 for 31 bucks on Amazon. So, next time you’re shopping at the health food store you can be sure you are not only looking socially-conscious you are also looking hot.

EcoBags Reusable Grocery Earthtote Set (credit:

EcoBags reusable grocery earthtone set (Credit:

1. This recycled-material sculpture of a dog

Does this need explanation as to why it’s #1? I don’t think so.

Recycled fluffy puppy (Credit: pintrest pin /unknown source)

Recycled fluffy puppy (Credit: Pinterest pin board/unknown source)


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