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Now in Production at the Hammer Museum

Whenever I see something nowadays that is graphic design focused, I get excited.

If you are lucky enough to be in Los Angeles, and on the West side, there is an exhibit worth checking out for anyone who values, loves, appreciates or works in the world of graphic design. You should definitely take a quick stop by the Hammer Museum (UCLA) and check out their exhibit called Now in Production. It’s an exhibit about graphic design over the last decade! Sounds right up my alley! Also, note that it’s free on Thursdays.

The exhibit itself is small, but well put together. Upon entering, you are greeted by a big display grid of different fonts on a wall with some fun details about them that any typo-o-phile can appreciate.

But one of my favorite parts was the interactive logo redesign voting exhibit. With a lot of recent redesigns (think Gap’s recent redesign disaster). it’s clear that a lot of people have opinions about brands and their marks. In the exhibit, a wall displayed recent company logo redesigns with their old and new marks, side by side. It’s a chance for everyone to be an Aesthetic Crit at a museum!¬†Using a round yellow plastic disc, you can drop your vote on which was better, their old mark (before) or their new one (after).

Logo before & after (redesign) voting exhibit

There are wonderful displays of poster prints layered together and a display of Nicholas Felton’s beautifully designed yearly reports, which would inspire any info graphic creator, or inspire anyone to start keeping track of how many burgers they eat in a year.

Layered posters on display

The Hammer Museum itself is also a delight to walk through. It’s light, airy and modern without feeling overly cold or pretentious of a space.

It’s always good to get out and check out what museums have to offer and support them. It’s great to go to an exhibit to explore an interest that you have at and get a chance to see what else they might have there. Being a creative person, I am always inspired by creative spaces such as museums. And seeing an exhibit like this, I am especially inspired and proud to have been able to be a part of the recent decade of graphic design.


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