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Pet Peek Satisfies Fido’s Curiosity

Ever notice how dogs just love to peek between the boards in a fence or stick their nose underneath wondering what is going on outside? Carolin Best has a solution for your curious friend.

If you have been to an aquarium or seen underwater habitats such as the deep sea drilling platform in the movie, “The Abyss”, you probably are already familiar with dome-shaped windows. Carolin made a similar thing for your fence and called it the Pet Peek.

Simply cut a hole in the fence and install the bubble so that your dog can see what goes on outside. Of course, Pet Peek is meant for a street-facing fence, not the one you share with your neighbor.

For fences that are meant to provide privacy, the clear bubble kind of defeats that purpose. Perhaps Carolin would consider offering a mirrored version of Pet Peek so that Fido can still look out without everyone else looking in.

Don’t have a dog? This window could also be used on play houses, partition walls, greenhouses and terrariums, anywhere that could use more pizzazz than a flat pane of glass.

Find an interesting use for the Pet Peek? Let us know in the comments.



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