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Ray Eames Textile Designs

Crosspatch Fabric Design by Ray, 1945, photographic reproduction.

First submitted to a competition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 1947, Crosspatch was then commercially produced by Schiffer Prints.

What is great and, probably often overlooked, is that Ray Eames was creating art before she even met Charles. She dabbled in painting, but she also excelled in textile design. Textile, as it turns out, was a fantastic medium for her to begin her design career.

You can see her hand influencing what is known as the “Eames aesthetic”.  Eames aesthetic is all things that are great about design: simple, yet alluring; sophisticated, yet with a familiar at-home feel. As a designer, this is often the challenge of achieving great work. Creating a certain feeling, a mood to set, and making it look effortless all at once is the mark of a great designer. Ray Eames embodies all of these aspects in her work, and is most definitely a master designer in her own right.


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