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I recently took a trip across the big blue to gorgeous Spain. We landed in Barcelona and then hit Madrid. It’s amazing there. The food, the people, and even the interior design. Known for their adorable and chic boutique hotels, there is one that stood out among the rest.

While in Madrid, we stayed at Room Mate Mario in a room with décor by Tomas Alia. The Room Mate chains are simply fantastic! Mostly in Europe, these hotels by Room Mate Hotels are a must do. Their design sense makes me giddy inside. Modern and hip, while still being friendly and approachable.

From their lobby to their signage to their room service menus, every detail is thought out. These hotel rooms are designed to make the most out of minimal. Using a touch of fantastic details, fabulous color and a bit of personality, you can delight many! And isn’t that what true design is all about?

Bathroom amenities



Room Mate Hotel key


Room service menu


Julia in the room at Room Mate Mario (Madrid, Spain)



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