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Simple, Functional Danish Design

Famous for clean lines and quality materials, Danish designs are popular on an international scale thanks to designers such as Georg Jensen, Arne Jacobsen, and Hans J. Wener. Last week, I dove into the deep end at Illums Bolighus on Strøget in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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The store is huge at over 10,000 m2 (over 100,000 sq. ft.) and dubs itself to be “the international flagship of modern living, design and furnishings.” From kitchenware, lighting, and bath to furniture, jewelry, fashion and more, there is too much to explore in the short time I had available. Although many products are by Danish designers, there are also a plethora of designs from other countries, all in the same spirit of being simple, functional and sometimes whimsical.

Not living near Copenhagen nor planning a trip to Denmark? Have no fear, Illums Bolighus is on the web (in English, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian) or, if you’d rather browse in a more traditional fashion, you can order a copy of their 146-page catalog. Whichever method you choose, you’ll find their products accompanied by not just the usual description and price, but also the name of the designer. On the web, you can even filter products by designer name.

Unfortunately, the store, website and catalog do not have all the same items. Since stores generally do not appreciate when you photograph their inventory, I’ll be sharing some items from their catalog and website with you in today’s post.

If you see something you just have to have, be sure to check your local design and department stores. You may find it nearby and in your own currency.

Let’s have a little taste…

Time by Jehs & Laub. (catalog p. 12)

“Time” wall clock by Jehs & Laub. (catalog p. 12)


"SIT" stool by

SIT Stool” by Andreas Lund


GJ stainless steel key rings by Georg Jensen (Flower, Ellipse, Heart)

GJ stainless steel key rings by Georg Jensen (“Flower“, “Ellipse”, “Heart”)


"Hoptimist Bumble" by Hans Gustav Ehrenreich

Hoptimist Bumble” by Hans Gustav Ehrenreich


"D'E-light" table lamp and iPod/iPhone dock by Philippe Starck (catalog p. 125)

“D’E-light” table lamp and iPod/iPhone/iPad dock by Philippe Starck (catalog p. 125)


"System 1-2-3" lounge chair by Verner Panton

System 1-2-3” lounge chair by Verner Panton


"Pal" transistor radio by Henry Kloss (catalog p. 123)

“Pal” transistor radio by Henry Kloss (online, catalog p. 123)


"Water Colours" shower head (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, chrome)

“Water Colours” shower head from Grohe  (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, chrome)


My favorite in this sampler is the “Time” wall clock where the frame is integrated with the minute hand and, as a result, rotates as time passes. Found something you adore at Illums Bolighus? Share it in the comments.


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