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Strut LaunchPort Protects and Charges Your iPad with Style

Tired of all the mostly-similar iPad cases on the market these days? Strutwear and LaunchPort have teamed up to end your woes.

Strutwear, known for its automotive “jewelry” (a.k.a., bling), joined forces with LaunchPort, creator of the world’s first inductive charging and mounting system for the iPad, to make pedestals and cases that not only protect and recharge your iPad, but do it with an upscale flair.

The Strut LaunchPort Pedestal is made from jewelry-grade stainless steel and provides full rotation, tilt and pivot for putting your iPad into just the right position. Finished in gleaming chrome or matte white or black finishes, the Pedestal mates to the Strut LaunchPort iPad Case to provide wireless power to an iPad. According to Strut, engraving and custom finishes are also available. Just contact them.

Cool Chrome Wireless Charging Pedestal (Photo: Strutwear)

The other part of this stylish duo is the Strut LaunchPort Case. It both protects the iPad and reroutes the sound from the rear-facing speaker to a front-facing port. Hand polished finishes for the case include walnut burl, pictured below, black or white carbon fiber, sparkling pink, leopard print or even a custom one that you request.

Walnut Burl iPad Case (Photo: Strutwear)

The combination of a chrome-finished base and walnut burl case are reminiscent of classic luxury automotive aesthetic à la Bentley and Rolls Royce. It is definitely a step above the norm. On the other hand, the black carbon fiber imparts a sporty, adventurous look and feel.

Black Carbon Fiber Case (Photo: Strutwear)

So, how much will all this style set you back? According to Mashable, you will have to shell out a cool US $1000 for the Pedestal and US $250 for the Case. I assume there will be an additional cost for custom finishes. The Strut LaunchPort will be available this month when it makes its debut at the New York International Gift Fair.

Have you seen a more elegant iPad case (perhaps with a more modest price tag)? Tell us about it in the comments.


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