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The Better to Look Stylish In: Eyewear Brands & Services

I started to wear glasses in high school. To boot I have astigmatism, which makes it impossible to wear contacts. I’ll admit I sort of always liked the idea of another accessory. I love trying on new frames and getting a new pair every year. I have about half a dozen pairs right now. This much needed accessory not only is stylish, it helps me tremendously while I work, and is even more needed when I drive at night. My depth perception is not OK, people. It’s good that I have good brakes and my glasses. (Yes, you should be scared for me and the general public that drives near me).

Now, apart from what most designer labels have to offer, there are other eyewear brands and services out there worth checking out. I have a pair of Chanel and have had a pair of Dolce & Gabbana, but they were pricey. How can you get great style with a better price tag?

Here is a list of some amazing eyewear maker brands and services and some creative eyewear for your viewing pleasure.

Oliver Peoples

These are good people in the world of eyewear fashion. Their frames are pretty trendy and perhaps for more creative folk, but I think most people can dig their designs.

I have a pair of cat-eyed, black-rimmed eyeglasses that I wear all the time. Oliver Peoples also have pretty kick-ass sunglasses. These are probably more of the pricer options in my list, but they are amazing.

Price Range: $$-$$$

Variety: Fairly Good



ProDesign Denmark

If you want colorful and different, definitely check out ProDesign Denmark‘s frame collection. I have a pair of their purple, orange and white frames. I like them because they are light weight and comfortable. They are pretty loud, so I have to be careful what I wear with them. I still love them and am glad that I have them in my collection. Their website doesn’t give sufficient justice to the coolness of their frames. So, if you see an eyewear place that happens to carry this brand, it’s worth checking out if you want something unique.

Price Range: $$

Variety: Very Good

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 8.34.11 PM

(Credit: ProDesign Denmark)

Proof Eyewear

Offering trending designs at a low cost, if you are looking for something hip and unique with a relatively low price tag, check out Proof Eyewear.

Price Range: $

Variety: Fair

(Credit: Proof Eyewear

(Credit: Proof Eyewear


While this is a single craftman’s work, I thought showing this was worthwhile. These wooden eyeglass frames by Takemoto on Etsy has some great frames for purchase. It’s also pretty impressive the amount of craftmanship that goes into each pair. If you want something special and unique, check ’em out.

Price Range: $$

Variety: Fairly Good


(Credit: Takemoto at

More than just frames

Once you choose a frame from your eye doctor’s office, or if you snagged a pair like the ones above online, you still need to get the right lenses in them. This can prove to be not only time consuming, but also expensive. Some amazing online alternatives are to the rescue. Check them out below.

Warby Parker

Try-on options: At home

Price Range: $-$$

Variety: Good

This is a pretty cool alternative to the usual in-store eye doctor’s office. All you have to do is get your prescription, which you get with each yearly eye exam anyhow, and keep it handy when you are already to make a purchase. Choosing a frame is a good process too. You can choose up to five online to have sent to your house to try on. Pretty neat. The frames (with clear non-prescription lenses in them) are sent directly to you via UPS, complete with a return slip and packaging too.

Once you decide on the right pair for you, you send them all back. Then, you go ahead and order your pair online with your prescription details and a fresh new pair come to you! They have fabulous online customer service, including live chat to help you along the way.

(Credit: Warby Parker)

(Credit: Warby Parker)


Try-on options: Virtual try-on with photo as well as 3-D

Price Range: $

Variety: Fair Selection

Another frame and prescription one-stop online service. Great prices, stylish selections. Now, you aren’t able to try on the frames in your home like you can on Warby Parker, but you can check out their virtual try-on option. It seems like an OK way to choose frames. I’d prefer to try them on live in person myself. They have a virtual 3-D option that perhaps makes it as close to in-home try-on as possible, since you’re able to view multiple angles of your face instead of just straight on like the photo option gives you.




Try-on options: Upload a photo or use your webcam to place frames on. You can also utilize their Virtual Stylist service: answer a few questions and see a list of frames that would fit your style and needs.

Price Range: $

Variety: Good Selection

BonLook is a lot like LookMatic and Warby Parker. You can choose a frame, send in your prescription with your order, and voilà a pair of glasses is sent to your front door custom made for you. Besides the typical virtual try-on, you get to also consult a stylist, so to speak. By answering various questions about yourself physically as well as some questions about your general fashion sense, you are sent a list of glasses that they think will fit you. I should caution that this list from their virtual stylist doesn’t arrive instantly. The virtual try-on using your web cam is actually pretty to use. It gives you a good sense as to how the frame will look on you. I also dig the brand, their selections and prices!






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