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The Floating Mug Prevents Moisture Rings on Furniture

Do you have nice wood furniture? Do you freak out when someone is about to put a glass or mug on it? Tigere Chiriga decided to attack the problem head on with a clever design solution that he calls The Floating Mug.

Since a coaster is not always readily available, how do you prevent condensation on the outside of a mug from ruining your wood furniture? One way is to simply refrain from putting the mug down. Another is to have the mug do the work of keeping itself off the furniture with its own coaster of sorts.

The Floating Mug simply extends its handle under the mug, effectively lifting it away from the surface on which it is placed. It is a simple design that not only works, but has a unique look.

Tigere has been using a prototype, pictured on the Kickstarter project page, for two years and, after that much time, has plenty of experience with his solution. At the time of this writing, 555 backers have joined him on his quest and, with over $38,000 pledged, far exceeded his $15,000 goal. Funding closes today, Tuesday, July 31 at 4:32 pm PDT.

The Floating Mug is a fun design and should work well for small amounts of condensation. For cold drinks, however, an absorbent material or some other solution will be needed to capture the large amounts of condensation that typically form on the outside of a glass. That would be an interesting design problem to solve.

What do you think of this mug for preventing moisture rings? Have a better design?

Photo via Kickstarter


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