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Easy Thank You Cards from Postable!

This is a quick post about my review of This site caught my eye recently when I was tasked with sending out thank-you cards to people who attended my recent wedding. Sidebar: I got married! It was awesome. Anyhoo, back to Postable.

I didn’t have a very large wedding. Nevertheless, writing all the cards by hand and coordinating the mailing addresses proved to be a task and a half. (I got a hand cramp.) Since I’ve spent the last decade and a half using digital media as my main form of communication, it even felt foreign to hand write notes. I actually had to rewrite a couple of them, since I made grammar or spelling mistakes.

However, since I had already purchased the thank you cards, I didn’t take advantage of Postable and went old school. Now, I’m semi-sad I didn’t use Postable for them. The process seems pretty easy and I love all the card designs. It’s also only US $2.00 per card! I think that’s pretty reasonable considering you don’t have to hand write, stuff the envelopes, purchase stamps, and remember to run the cards to the mailbox.


Postable’s home page (Credit:


Per Postable’s home page, you can create and send thank-you cards in a few easy steps.

1.  Collect the data. Send out a notice to all your peeps and have them enter their mailing address for you. Pretty awesome! You can also upload an Excel spreadsheet of your contacts or just put them in yourself, manually.

The Address Book (Credit:

The Postable Address Book (Credit:


Postable Collect Address (Credit:

Postable’s Collect Address feature (Credit:


2. Pick out a design! You can sort by occasion or card type, which is only thank-you cards at the moment. Maybe they have plans to add more. You can also sort by most popular and most recent.

Design Page (credit: Postable)

The card design page (Credit: Postable)


3. Type out a message for the card. What’s cool is that it uses a font that looks like real hand writing so it gives it an authentic touch. You can either do a “mass mailing” where you make one message for all or you can write a unique message for each person on your list,  which is the advantage of writing hand written notes. Each one is special and has more sentiment to the person receiving it. I think the basic idea for doing a different message for each person you are sending to is to start by choosing a contact from your contact list, then composing and saving it.


Writing the Cards (Credit:

Writing the cards (Credit:


4.  Send them! After you compose your cards, Postable prints them, puts them in envelopes, and sends them on their way to your friends and family.

Pretty cool if you ask me. After the experience of hand writing a bunch of cards, I see the beauty of this type of service. Besides that, it seems very easy to use. I also love their brand aesthetic and the general look and feel of their product’s UI. Nice job, team Postable.

Next time I need to send out thank-you cards, which will most likely be after I have my baby shower, I’ll be using Postable! Did I mention I’m pregnant too?

Thank you for reading, everyone!



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