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Hyetis Crossbow: The Ultimate Smartwatch?

Let’s see if a Swiss smartwatch is the one to rule them all.

The smartwatch market is really heating up with all kinds of companies and individuals coming up with time pieces that interface with smartphones. Some of these devices, such as the Pebble, are like tiny computers with a graphical touchscreen while others, such as the Citizen Proximity and Cookoo, are more traditional-looking. But what would the ultimate smartwatch look like?

Swiss watch maker, Hyetis, has announced that they are bringing to market a whopper of an analog watch with all the electronic gadgetry that could possibly be jammed onto a wrist. Although there are disclaimers on their site that the final production model of the Crossbow may have some technical differences, it still has an impressive feature list.

Analog hands, digital face (Credit: Hyetis)

Analog hands, digital face (Credit: Hyetis)

To start, it has the requisite analog hands to show you the time and supports Bluetooth to interface with a smartphone. However, those analog hands are driven by an automatic Swiss movement, so it will continue to show you the current time even if you run the internal batteries dry. Also, the watch will connect to phones on all three platforms: Android, iOS and Windows 8.

But wait, there’s more. The Crossbow includes Wi-Fi, near-field communication (NFC) and GPS radios, just like a full-blown smartphone. It has sensors for temperature, altitude, depth and biometrics. The watch face is a digital display so the look can be changed in addition to showing various status indicators such as waiting emails, tweets, and voice messages.

The 41-megapixel camera with ring flash (Credit: Hyetis)

The 41-megapixel camera with ring flash (Credit: Hyetis)

Need a camera? No good spy would be without one. The Crossbow has a 41-megapixel camera with an optical zoom lens and an integrated ring flash around its perimeter. Of course, there is a microphone with noise reduction so that you can record videos too.

Want more? For the ultimate smartwatch, sure you do. You want wireless charging. Check. Four days of battery life. Check. A titanium case. Check. A sapphire, scratch-resistant crystal with anti-glare coating. Check and check. For $199.00. Uh, no.

All this watch-making and electronic wizardry will set you back about US $1200.00, at least for one of the 500 limited-edition units. Although that seems like a lot for a smartwatch, when comparing it to traditional (i.e., not smart) Swiss luxury watches that can cost double that or more, the Crossbow actually delivers a lot of bang for the buck.

Is that a gun on your wrist or are you just taking my picture? (Credit: Hyetis)

Is that a gun on your wrist or are you just taking my picture? (Credit: Hyetis)

At this point you may be wondering why I have been avoiding saying anything about the watch’s aesthetics. Well, packing so much gadgetry into such a small package is bound to sacrifice something. Some call this watch downright ugly. I would happily sacrifice the camera to bring the Crossbow’s proportions down to a more reasonable size. Thus far, I still like the Citizen Proximity’s balance of good looks, good-enough smarts, good price, and green power.

Is the Crossbow the smartwatch for you?


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