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The 1215 Homage to the Quill

Last year, Jill wrote about the design trend of The New Old. A related theme, the homage to the past, is also popular. From automobiles to Rubik’s Cubes to chopsticks, classic products and tools are being reinterpreted with new materials and flair. This week, we have a homage to the quill.

The 1215 is named after the year that the Magna Carta was presented to King John of England. Written with a quill, the charter demanded a change to the king’s oppressive ways and was the first document forced upon a King of England by his subjects.

The quill and well (left) is the inspiration for the 1215 (Credit: Stopher Christensen)

The quill and well (left) is the inspiration for the 1215 (Credit: Stopher Christensen)

Thus was the inspiration for the design of Stopher Christensen’s quill-shaped pen. A classic shape that harkens back to the elegance and importance of hand-written documents, the 1215 provides a visual and tactile break for the dizzying digital world we live in today.

In addition to being a pen that can accommodate various Uni-Ball, Pentel and Pilot refills, the 1215’s “feather” end doubles as a letter opener. Remember those? Finally, the pen also includes a holder in the style of the ink wells that quills were dipped into to reload them.

Interested in having your own homage to the quill? You can find out more on the 1215’s project page. Then, put the power of your mouse cursor to task to help Stopher make it a reality.

A special thanks goes to Shermaine Garcia who, although not directly involved with the 1215 Kickstarter project, saw it and wrote to us because she thought it would be of interest to us and to you, our design-oriented readers. How thoughtful!


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