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Tis the Season: DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Given that it is the holiday season, I am going to share some DIY gift ideas. Enjoy!

Gifts for your co-workers

Wallpaper coasters are simple, but produce great results. All you need are a few cheap tiles that can easily be found at Lowes or your local tile store. I am doing this for my co-workers. I got 20 tiles for US $0.50 each and a couple books of scrap paper from Michael’s for $5.00 a book. You can probably use just about any paper though, from magazines to wallpaper, as most of these posts suggest. Then, you’ll need mod-podge and either cork or felt (for the bottom). All in all, you can make them for about $1.00 – 1.20 a pop and that’s pretty great.

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Wallpaper Coasters by Just Us Four (

Wallpaper Coasters by Just Us Four (Credit:

Gifts for your besties

I think making a necklace or bracelet is a cool idea for a good friend. It doesn’t need to be intricate and your friend can cherish it for years. Sentimental value out does price any day. I love the idea of using ribbon (instead of a traditional necklace chain) and stringing large beads onto it. I think you can either put a “real” clasp on it or if it’s long enough to go around your neck, you can tie the ribbon in a bow. That is essentially the clasp and it looks great on the back of your neck. I also love the wire-wrapped stone necklace idea (see below). Even though I’m not sure how savvy I am with pliers, I am willing to give it a try.

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Vanessa Christenson Lime Green Necklace (Credit:

Vanessa Christenson Lime Green Necklace (Credit:

Gifts for your honey

Photos are personal and they are always fun to look at. In fact, they are keepsakes that can be cherished for a lifetime. Print some of your Instagram photos from a trip you took that year or maybe just a good couple of selfies that you like a lot. Then, frame them or put them in a keepsake box, make a calendar of a few, or even use a service that prints your Instagram prints on a pillow. Following are links to some clever ideas for using your Instagram photos and gift them to your special someone!

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