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Turbocharge the Aesthetic of Your iPad, Android Tablet or e-Reader

Did you recently get a new iPad, Galaxy Note, Kindle, other Android tablet or e-reader? Perhaps you have had one for a while. Either way, Geekify can seriously upgrade the look and feel of your gadget.

There is a plethora of covers for tablets and e-readers. Some are simple skins. Others have flipping or folding covers. Some even look like books. I have a Verso Prologue cover on my Nexus 7 and, although it is a convincing look, I found myself still on the lookout for something that went beyond the mainstream.

The Labyrinth iPad cover (Credit: Geekify)

The Labyrinth iPad cover (Credit: Geekify)

If you find yourself in the same boat or, as a new owner of one of these devices, have yet to dive into the sea of rubber, silicone, polyurethane and vinyl, here are some handmade options that just might tickle your fancy.

Geekify is a store on Etsy, the marketplace for unique goods, where shop owner John T. offers many handcrafted covers that look like famous books from fantasy movies, TV shows and games. Did you enjoy The Neverending Story when you were a kid? Ever wished you could wield the power of the Enchiridion? Are you a current fan of A Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones, House Stark crest (Credit: Geekify)

Game of Thrones, House Stark crest (Credit: Geekify)

Here are some of the designs that are currently available:

  • The Neverending Story
  • Adventure Time Enchiridion
  • The Necronomicon
  • The Labyrinth (Sarah’s book)
  • Myst Linking Book of D’ni
  • Red Book of Westmarch
  • Willow’s Darkest Magick
  • Buffy’s Vampyr Slayer Handbook
  • Beetlejuice’s Handbook for the Recently Deceased
  • A Game of Thrones
    • House Baelish Crest
    • House Targaryen Crest
    • House Martell Crest
    • House Lannister Crest
    • House Baratheon Crest
    • House Stark Crest
  • Oghma Infinium Skyrim
  • Magic MTG Planeswalker (White, Blue, Green, Red)
Buffy's Vampyr book (Credit: Geekify)

Buffy’s Vampyr book (Credit: Geekify)

Apart from their themes, what makes these covers special is that they are made from a variety of materials. The metal-looking parts are real metal, not paint or plastic. The wooden crests are real wood. Some covers even use real leather.

If you want to continue putting pen to paper, but with one of these cool covers, they are also available as nothing books that you can sketch or take notes in. Finally, Geekify takes special requests for further customization to make your cover uniquely yours. See them all at the Geekify shop.

Which is your favorite design?


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